Thermal monitor

Need some help monitoring your CPU’s temperature?

Want to know how much hot your device gets when playing games,
watching videos or doing other computational intensive tasks?

TM100 (Thermal Monitor) helps you to easily keep track of the thermal state of your CPU.
If a device is put under heavy load or high ambient temperatures, the operating system will apply performance throttling to limit and reduce additional heat.
In extreme conditions, the CPU must shut down. Thermal Monitor lets you anticipate and avoid such unwanted confusion.

Thermal monitor allows a simpler solution to check your CPU’s temperature.
It helps you to ensure the stability of CPU.
You can check quick for notification when the usage of CPU exceeds.
Thermal monitor will Help you to reduce the CPU overload.

-Can easily be powered by a USB power.
-Full color LCD Display
-Option to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius Display
-Rated for Temperatures of 0 to 200 Fahrenheit
-Designed for gamers and intense full screen activities

Device size: 50 mm x 53mm x 54mm
TFT size: 26.5 mm x 25.5mm
USB Power Length: 1.5M