Subject Stereoscopic 3D at 2015 Korea Electronics Show
Date 2015-11-11 11:38:41
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SAMSUNG and LG Electronics showed Stereoscopic (3D) TV showcase at 2015 Korea Electronics Show which was held in KINTEX on October 14-17.

According to Korea Institute of Science and Technology, autostereoscopic 3D display technology which removes the need for special eye glasses for 3D image and multiview 3D is being developed for commercialization nowadays.
Integral Photography (IP) and Super Multi-View (SMV) will be the next generation of multiview type 3D display, and holographic 3D display is considered as the final goal technology of 3D display.
There have been many attempts for the mass product commercialization of multiview 3D technology.
Parallax barrier and lenticular types are the usual approaches, while the light field 3D technology has emerged as a new kind of multiview 3D display.
Multiview 3D display has several problems that hinder popular utilization such as low quality and high crosstalk of 3D image, narrow viewing area caused by the limited number of viewpoints, low resolution of each viewpoint image, and eye fatigue phenomenon.
Some of these problems can be solved by using real-time face or eye tracking technology, when 3D display for a single viewer is considered.
However multi-user viewing and eye fatigue are still important problems.
SMV 3D technology is developed to overcome those problems and High Density Multiview (HDM) 3D technology resembles characteristics of the light field and SMV types.
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